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United Insurance has utilized the cleaning services of Greener Portland Cleaning Company since we moved to our new office a year ago. As our business serves many walk-in clients, it is critical that our lobby and office space always be clean and presentable. They have done a fine job maintaining the cleanliness of our offices and are thorough, efficient and flexible. Should any issues arise, they promptly address them. We highly recommend Greener Portland Cleaning Company.

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Greener Portland Cleaning Company has been a breath of fresh air. Our 50-plus team hold health and sustainability up high so having a cleaning service that uses eco-friendly products and keeps our office looking great, is a win-win!
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Greener Portland Cleaning Company has been cleaning our offices for nearly a year now and we couldn’t be happier with the way our office looks after they’ve been there and we can always tell.  They follow up with us to ask how he is doing to make sure that he is doing what we expect and they use only the most green products to clean with, which is a plus for our team at Priority Learning. Thank you, Greener Portland Cleaning, for doing great work!

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We highly recommend the Greener Portland Cleaning Co. Our law firm relocated to Westbrook from Portland and amongst many important tasks was finding a reliable & affordable office cleaning service. The team come in after hours and on the weekend so as not to disturb us during office hours, and are always happy to oblige if we have to change the schedule or make a special request. The office always looks pristine and smells great, not of chemicals, since they use environmentally friendly products.

Greener Portland Cleaning Company are thorough and consistent in taking care of our office. On the rare occasion a problem arises, they are extremely receptive and respond quickly. We trust in their service and it’s always nice to come in on Monday morning seeing our space tidied up and clean.

Regency Mortgage recently made the switch to Greener Portland Cleaning Company and from the very start, we have been very satisfied with the service they provide. We place a high value on reliability and thoroughness and Greener Portland Cleaning Company meets and exceeds our expectations. We also feel good knowing that they use only environmentally friendly cleaning products to get the job done. We would highly recommend Greener Portland Cleaning Company to anyone in need of a professional and dependable commercial cleaning company.